We have Lanterns, Lamps, Railroad Items, Books, and Kitchen Utensils

New Nostalgic Tin Signs in Stock

We have a new shipment of the very popular tin signs from Desperate Enterprises, including this music themed one. We have very similar ones for coffee and wine, plus various old automotive and farm equipment marketing styles.

Some Buggy and Inspectors Lanterns

Our lamps and lanterns are offered in working condition.  We usually have Rayo, Aladdin, B&H, and various glass lamps.  In lanterns there are many local rail lines represented, buggy lanterns, early auto lighting, miners lanterns, and many more. 


As well as lanterns we have railroad items such as switch locks, oil cans, shovels and tools.  We also offer  novelty items with a railroad theme such as friction powered engines, whistles, hats and keychains.


Cast Iron Cookware and Kitchen Utensils

Cast Iron Cookware from Griswold, Wagner, Wapak, and others in many assorted styles.  Chicken fryers, breakfast skillets, griddles, and various fry pans are some of our favorites.


We have a variety of kitchen collectibles; smallwares, cookbooks and other related items.  Egg scales, nutmeg graters, match box holders to hang on the wall are just a few things that you'll find.  The Booklady accumulates picnic baskets and granite ware just because she likes them.  Some table linens and other fancy work.


In our books, you’ll find a variety of books on every topic imaginable. Our extensive collection offers you interesting works of all types: from interesting historical specimens and reference works to vintage novels.


We carry the local history books from Arcadia Publishing and several titles published by the Indiana Historical Society.